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Welcome to Obarun wiki

The purpose here is not to explain in detail how to use Jwm, Openbox, s6 and so on, but to point out the particularities of how skarnet's s6 is incorporated in Obarun, how the 66 suite of s6 tools work, as well as other Obarun software. You will find these in respective sections.

For everything else the irreplaceable best source is the Arch Linux Wiki, since Obarun is just a modification of Arch Linux in respect to its init system, service management, and all the software our users need that can not run as in Arch with systemd dependencies.

We hope you will find this section helpful and we are open for suggestions and contributions!

This is needed to log into obarun from one of our ISO images.

root login: root
root password: toor
user login: oblive
user password: toor


Obarun overview
Installation Basic setup Do it yourself
How toBoot Loading Obarun configurationCreate your own system
* Make a bootable imageGrubFirewall
* obarun-installSyslinuxFull system backup with dd
* install from arch UEFI setupMounting volumes
- Installation VideoX serverprinter setup
* JWM live screenshot Dbus and DM configuration

Init system and service manager


Temporarily, while new versions of 66 are being tested there is a separation of documentation between stable 0.5.1 and 0.6 series so some links in the wiki referring to this documentation may appear dead. Please refer to the main link 66 documentation and choose the edition you have installed for which particular tool documentation is appropriate for your edition. We apologize for the inconvenience, soon when 0.6.1 will be released in the stable repository all links will revert to being active again. You can also use man pages for each particular 66 tool. For 66-tree for example: % man 66-tree


Pacopts Obarun-install Obarun-mkiso Obarun-build
system manager install the system make an ISO manage Lxc container

Other Obarun software

pkg management repositories other software
pacman binaries zsh shell
pacman.conf source
obnews cower
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