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Boot/Shutdown console output on obarun or any 66 driven distribution

A hint/trick to control console output during booting and shutdown/reboot

Users come in all shapes and forms. Some users dislike looking at too much output on their console while the system is booting, while others like to see more, so if something is wrong they pick it up right away and go fix it and reboot. Some prefer the aesthetics of looking at a splash screen (defined in their grub, lilo, or syslinux configuration). With Obarun and any distribution 66 is installed not many complain about too much output, quite the opposite, people see very little and then either a console login prompt appears (indicating booting is complete and all preconfigured services are up and running) or a display manager has kicked in and off they are to a graphic login screen.

So what if you are of the rare breed that like both console output and login in console and like to see what the output was (shift PgUp). We should all know by now that booting output goes to /run/66/log/0/current but you like to see it on console as well. Simply edit the following file:


You will see a paragraph with the following content:

## By default the output goes to the uncaught-logs at
## /run/66/log/0/current
## If you want to see it on console uncomment the following line
#redirfd -w 1 /dev/console

Simply remove the # sign from that line to redirect output to your console.

Now to control what kind of output, and how much of it you want, you edit the following file:


The first line is verbosity, default at 0. It can be maximum at 4, when things seem to work fine on a daily basis I set it at 1.

Now my booting routine output looks much like most distros. If that is what you wanted.

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