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lpr: Error - ~/.cups/lp……

“My printer can not be found”

Let's see: There is one way of accessing the printer through $ lpr filename but to do so a print server must be active. The common server used on linux for printing is CUPS. Assuming you have read everything in arch-wiki and LPRng

$ sudo pacman -S cupsd-66serv


$ sudo 66-enable -t root -S cupsd

or substitute root for whatever tree you want cups to be under, it may be a tree called print, and also on some printers dbus must also be running for them to operate correctly, not all (I am told). If you don't have cups and its dependencies installed the 66 service file will bring in everything needed, so don't worry.

Then you look for firmware for the printer model, for example let's say it is a Brother Laser printer.

$ yay brother laser cups

aur/brlaser 6-1 (+3 0.71%) CUPS driver for the Brother DCP-7065DN

Install it.

Then you access cups through browser

$ sudo waterfox (substitute waterfox with your preffered browser)

Note: this may be slow the first time ever you start it as it is setting up secure connection files and directories.

–> find printer and on the settings of the “found” printer you make it available for all users, so you can print as a user. Then you exit the browser which is running as root, so don't go browsing around as root.

Then you start the application that you want to print with, or from the browser you may want to print the Cups page as a test….. hmmm…!! Sometimes the application must restart to know that cups is up and running, it will not pick it up as available till you restart. localhost:631 or can now be accessed as a user too.

I hope this helped. Any more ideas, corrections, suggestions, drop us a line or two at the forum wiki subject

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