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obnews package is now a real script which accepts options. Obnews bulletins are important and are used when special attention is needed by the system administrator (all linux users should be) and manual intervention and configuration is needed when packages are upgraded.

the interface is: [ -h|–help ] [ -l|–list ] [ -c|–clean ] news

options :

-h|–help: print this help

-l|–list: display all news

-c|–clean: delete all news (only root)

The pacman hook calls now this script to display the news.

All bulletins are saved at /var/cache/obarun/news

by default if news is not specified it displays the latest bulletin.

This now allows us to keep trace of previous bulletins and allow users to read them when they decide to.

$ –list will display the contents of /var/cache/obarun/news

# –clean will remove all bulletins from /var/cache/obarun/news. This option needs root privilegies.

$ <name_of_news> displays the given bulletin

$ without option displays the latest one

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