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Skarnet is the source of S6 software. Obarun uses the latest stable S6 software configured around Arch and Linux. S6 comes with an assortment of other support software that are needed or work well around the particular init. As S6 continues to develop the documentation is updated by Skarnet and it is best that users of the software seek the right documentation directly.

Here we list Skarnet's software that is used by Obarun, or is available through the Obarun repository.

The core S6 system

  • s6's small & secure supervision software suite. Comes with an ultra-fast init replacement, process management tools, an asynchronous locking library, and more.
  • s6-rc
    A complete service manager for s6 systems.
  • s6-linux-init
    A tool to automate the creation of suitable stage 1 init binaries for s6-based Linux systems.

Support for S6

  • skalibs
    A set of general-purpose C programming libraries. You need this first: all the other software in this list depends on it.
  • execline
    A small scripting language, to be used in place of a shell in non-interactive scripts.
  • s6-portable-utils
    Tiny portable generic utilities.
  • s6-linux-utils
    Tiny Linux-specific utilities.
  • mdevd
    A Linux kernel event manager daemon (like udevd) that understands the mdev configuration file format and does not fork.
  • Other Skarnet software

  • s6-dns
    Good, usable DNS client libraries (synchronous and asynchronous), and command-line DNS client utilities.
  • s6-networking
    UCSPI Unix and TCP tools, a SSL/TLS tunnel, access control tools, and network time management utilities.
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