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Where is all the source for Obarun packages stored and how you can follow development and hopefully some may wish to contribute in some way. → this is the main group → All pkgbuild for obcore repository → All pkgbuild for obextra repository → All pkgbuild for observice repository → All pkgbuild for obcommunity repository

[obcommunity] is a community repositories maintained by the community. This repository is not officially supported by Obarun. [b]Use at your own risk[/b]. Think of it as akin to Arch Linux's AUR, but distinctively, [obcommunity] offers the package binaries directly via Pacman

- All packages are now centralized in one place under One big group.

- You can view all build log for all package like this . Really difficult to be more transparent.

- You can retrieve the binaries from the build for all packages like , just click under the icon called artifacts.

- Each package has its own repository.

- All packages are build on a proper environment and do not vary depending on which maintainer is building them (was not the case with obarun-build). All packages are built under an obarun docker image especially built for this purpose. This mean a bare system which only contain the base groups and nothing more. The rest (when packages need dependencies for the build) are installed by pacman at compile time from a synchronized database.

Apart from this new visibility for users, we save alot of time , security and reliability as dev/maintainers of the packages.

The obarun docker image is officially listed here.

Source file to build the docker from scratch can be found here:

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